front shot
front right view
corner far
front left view
left corner far
corner near
3 lots owned by HOA
front right planting bed
left corner nearest
left side gate from outside
inside of left gate from patio
inside of right gate
left side 03
side yard
Foyer entrance towards back
Great Room
midway up stairs down to great room
Loft down to great room
Great Room back to front
Great Room from dining to front
Great Room from kitchen entrance
dining room
back of dining to great room
kitchen left to right
Kitchen Island
Kitchen/Eating Area
view out kitchen left bay window
view out kitchen right bay window
Kitchen Island and fridge
kitchen window view to back yard
laundry on ground level
down the stairs
Master Bedroom
Master Bedroom front right corner to left
Master Bath
Master Bath tub
Master Bath sink and shower
Master Closet
Loft back left corner to front
loft window down to back yard
guest full bath
Bedroom right back
right back bed room down to yard
Bedroom back middle
Side View 2
Side View 1
front left corner bed 3
front left corner bed 2
driveway right
lamp post 2
front left corner bed 4
outside the fence on right property line
right side front 1
right side front 2
right side front 3
right side front 4
right side front 5
right side front 6
right side front 7
right side front 8
right side front 9
right side front 10
right side front 11
outside of right gate
right side front 12
right side front 13
right side front 15
back right 01
back patio 01
back patio 02
back patio 05
back fence line 01
back fence line 03
back fence line 04
back fence line 05
back fence line 06
back fence line 07
back fence line 10
back right 02
back right 03
back patio from right
left side gate protector
left side gate - top left
left side 01
left side 02
left side 05
left side 06
left side 07
left side 08
outside of rear fence line
left side 09
left side 10
left side 11
landscape design for 481 Wooster